Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge

LOCATION: Oak Harbor, Ohio

DIRECTIONS: Fifteen miles east of Toledo or 18 miles west of Port Clinton on State Route 2.

HOURS: Open daily sunrise-sunset.

BEST TIMES: Good year-round birding and spectacular birding during spring and fall migration.

BIRDING HIGHLIGHTS: Huge concentrations of waterfowl in the fall and slightly fewer but still impressive flights in the spring. One of the best sites in the Midwest for waterfowl and wading birds. Good songbird and hawk watching in the spring. Shorebirds can turn up in the spring, but are more probabie visitors from late July through October. If conditions are right the refuge can host huge flights of shorebirds. Bald eagles are common year-round.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Refuge Manager, Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge, 14000 West State Route 2, Oak harbor, OH 43449. Phone: (419) 898-0014.