St. Clair River

LOCATION: Sarnia, Ontario

DIRECTIONS: The following directions are complicated by the fact that construction is ongoing in the area of the Bluewater Bridge. All the right and left hand turns are within two or three blocks of each other. To reach the rest of the sites covered in the tour backtrack to Venetian Boulevard and follow directions in the text. The following directions are for getting to Point Edward. After crossing the Bluewater Bridge into Canada, take the first exit on the right after customs and turn right on Venetian Boulevard. Venetian will take you back under the bridge to Alexandra Street. Turn right on Alexandra and drive to Monk Street. Turn left on Monk and drive to Michigan Street. Turn left on Michigan and drive to Livingston Street. Turn right on Livingston and drive to Victoria Street. Turn right on Victoria and drive to Fort Street where you will make a left which will lead you to the parking lot at Point Edward.

HOURS: Open all year.

BEST TIMES: Late December through February.

BIRDING HIGHLIGHTS: Very good birding for waterfowl and winter specialties.