Cedar Point Lighthouse

Cedar Point is known for its undulating skyline consisting of some of the tallest and fastest roller coasters in the world. To provide room for expansion, Cedar Point Amusement Park acquired the northwest corner of the peninsula around 1990. Among the abandoned structures on this property, formerly owned by the Coast Guard, was the historic Cedar Point Lighthouse. The dilapidated lighthouse, minus its tower and lantern room, could have easily fallen to the blade of a bulldozer, but park planners envisioned the restored lighthouse as the centerpiece of a collection of park cottages and cabins resembling a nautical New England town. The vision became reality, when Lighthouse Point accepted its first visitors in 2001.

Established: 1839
Status: Inactive
Location: Lighthouse Point a collection of lakeside cottages at the northern end of Cedar Point, a peninsula near Sandusky.

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