Green Island Lighthouse

Green Island, one of twenty-one small islands that make up the Erie Archipelago in western Lake Erie, first made a name for itself in 1820. Major Joseph Delafield, an agent of the International Boundary Commission, was visiting the island when he discovered celestite crystals there. Also known as strontium (called "strontian" at the time), these crystals occurred naturally in the cliffs along the east side of the island. Green Island was soon the main American source for the element, earning the nickname "Strontian Island."

Green Island saw several changes at the turn of the century, including the construction of a boathouse at the northeastern corner of the island. The island's natural supply of strontium was exhausted by 1898, and in 1926, the U. S. Lighthouse Service abandoned the lighthouse. The light was active until 1939, when the Coast Guard replaced it with an automated light on top of a skeletal tower.

Established: 1851
Status: Inactive
Location: Near South Bass Island, Ohio

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