Old Port Clinton Pier Lighthouse

In October of 1832, the government purchased acreage on the east side of the mouth of the Portage River for lighthouse purposes. Two months later, the respected contractor, Levi Johnson of Cleveland, was commissioned to build a lighthouse on the property. In this first incarnation, the Port Clinton Lighthouse was a round, pyramidal tower, constructed of split-stone. The lighthouse stood forty feet tall and used an array of eight lamps backed by reflectors to project a beam ten miles into the lake. Johnson was also responsible for the single-story keepers residence, also built of split-stone, that was erected near the tower. The Portage River ran within 100 feet of the lighthouse buildings before emptying into the lake at present-day Fulton Street.

In the 1960s, the wooden Port Clinton lighthouse was removed from the breakwater and relocated to a marina on the Portage River. Now in its third incarnation, the Port Clinton Lighthouse consists of a pair of flashing red and green entrance lights.

Established: 1900
Status: Inactive
Location: North shore of Portage River, west of drawbridge in Port Clinton, Ohio.

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